Local SEO: Starter Package

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Local SEO Starter Package: Reach Your Actual Customers Locally.

Clean up your business listings errors, and improve your ranking instantly!

Your SEO Journey Starts Here

Immensely Boost Your Local SEO

A package which fits both new and established local businesses to get found locally, and list their store on the MAP.

  • Dominate Local Search Results In Matter Of Months
  • Get More Sales or Calls, Put Your Business On The MAP

What is included in the Local SEO Starter package?

Free SEO Audit Report: Everything you need to know about current web-design, your current SEO Score and Local ranking

- Get Weekly performance report : We keep you on board with all local profiles we create, fixes, and improvements we make.

- In-Depth Keyword Research and analysis: Analyze search intent in your area, to target correct audience. We will research, and chose those local phrases, key phrases people search both on desktop to mobile to find your business and use to improve your content on all web pages.

- Local Citations: Listing your business in more than 20 local directories (Citations) with 100% NAP Consistency

- Complete local citation audit: Full report of any wrong citations you might have that can effect your business - Incorrect citations, business listings can damage your online ranking. We will fix and report the issues.

- 15 Map Citations: Creating manual maps which mentioning specific keywords to help you boost ranking on major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

- Google My Business (GMB) Optimization: Creating, analyzing and updating Google My Business Page to make sure it is 100% accurate and in-line with webmaster's guideline

- Monthly Keyword Ranking Reports

- Geo-Targeted Page Management

- On Site optimization: Improving your Title tags, meta description and content to match keywords and increase conversion.

What are the reasons you need Local SEO to promote your local business?

50% of mobile visitors search for a business or a store nearby, and take action within a day

Local search tactics will position and promote your business in a way that you show up in search results for local customers at the exact time they need you.

Highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels

Listing business accurate in all local directories, is one powerful strategy of local SEO that can guarantee up to 50% conversion rate, making it much more effective than dropping brochures at doorsteps or printing newspaper ads. 

Mobile web is growing - More people intent to search for a business nearby

"Plumber near me" Lawyer near me" "Best handyman in town" - people search for these local terms on daily basis!
More consumers now use mobile devices, than any other means (like desktops), to search for local businesses.
With local SEO, both mobile and desktop web access are covered so your potential customers will always find you.

Online business reviews are trusted by 88% of local consumers

Your online reputation, through word of mouth, will always lead to better ranking and more revenue. Local SEO makes it easier for your trusted consumers to leave and share positive reviews about your business online that will attract even more customers.

If you take advantage of all these facts by using local SEO, you’re sure to gain more customers online and more revenue.

And that’s why we now offer our Google certified Local SEO starter package, which guarantees robust results for local businesses like yours.

Our SEO starter package will help you to put your business on MAP and in-front of many who are searching for the relevant keywords.

Any local business with storefront, or any service provider who needs to get local visibility or need to improve ranking on Local search results. Great for Plumbers, Handymen, Hairstylist, and more!