SEO Audit: Critique Website

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What is your SEO Score?

SEO report all business owners love to have!

Have you ever visited a store or a market where everything is unorganized? Shelves are messed up, and price tags are wrong?

What will you do if you enter such a place? You will feel LOST, and chances are you will leave the store immediately, right?
Looking at the above example in the context of a poorly organized website or a blog, you would like to organize and optimize it, so you can get more visitors. 

For that you need a guideline to follow even if you know how to do it, an extra eye or secondary idea will always help. 
SEO score can be very helpful to organize and optimize your website because it can find the problems and provide suggestions for improvement. 

What will be covered inside the report?

The report will present your SEO score in the range of 0 to 10, where 0 is the lowest score and 10 is the highest score. A higher SEO score means that your website is performing well. 
The SEO score shows your website’s tendency to help find leads and generate an income flow for you. This has to do with organic SEO and it is in no ways related to pay per click.  Based on the SEO score, the report will also show the areas and top priorities for improvement of your website. 

Analyzing your Title tags, Meta description and headings

A thorough analysis of all the pages of your website will find any issues in each page’s title tags, meta description and headings. The report will present the problems and will provide recommendation on how to improve them. Title tags are important because they tell Google what the particular webpage is about. Meta descriptions briefly summarize each page’s content and headings tell users and search engines what the content on the page is about. All of these play critical role in SEO. 

Are you doing the right link building

The report will present details of your website’s inbound and outbound links. The link building process will be checked and the quality of existing incoming links will be analyzed to see if you are doing it right or wrong. Link building is a major component of SEO and if done the right way, it can increase visitors to your website. The report will tell you how to improve link building. 

Analyzing your social media: Google, Facebook, Twitter

Your social media accounts will also be analyzed because they play role in your SEO score. Your Google, Facebook and Twitter accounts will be evaluated to see how many shares you are getting on average, how many people are following your pages, interaction of followers with your page and content, and your website traffic coming from social media. 

How to improve your website design

If you have user friendly, organized and uncluttered website design, your SEO score will add up. Your website navigation and structure will be closely examined, and the report will identify problems in your website design and give you suggestions for improvement. 
- Analyze website speed and recommend how to improve the speed
Website speed is very important factor in your SEO score. If your website loads quickly, your SEO score will add up. If your website speed is slow, the report will identify the factors that are keeping the website from loading fast. The report will provide recommendations to improve your website speed, so your visitors can visit your website with ease. 

HTML errors

If there are HTML errors in your website, the report will list them down and provide suggestions for improvement. Remember, HTML errors can have bad impact on your SEO score and they should be resolved to get higher score. 

Is your website mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly websites get higher SEO score. A responsive website is very effective because it can load properly on mobiles. More people are using mobiles to visit websites, so the report will give your suggestions on how to make your website mobile friendly.

Broken link analysis

Broken links can have bad impact on your SEO score. Your website should be free of broken links if you want to drive maximum traffic to your site. The report will analyze your website and if there are broken links, they will be listed down and you will get recommendations on how to improve them.

Pictures and alt tags
Pictures on your website should also be properly optimized by using proper alt tags and picture titles. If you do this, your SEO score will increase. Analysis of your website will identify pictures without alt tags or with poor alt tags. 

15 pages of descriptive website analysis
Under this package, the descriptive content on 15 pages of your website will be analyzed to see if there is any problem. The content quality, keyword usage, and content relevance and flow will be closely studied. Remember, content is king in SEO and if your website has great descriptive content, your SEO score will go up.